Are you tired of being trapped in the all-consuming back-end work of your business, constantly draining your energy? But you feel like it would take SO much more work to find and hire a Virtual Assistant?

Well buckle up because this workshop was created just for you!

 Imagine handing off all the things that consume your time in the backend of your business without wasting months and months searching for the perfect fit – and don’t forget all that time it would take to onboard and train them so you can actually free up your time.

Join us for a webinar that will leave you with practical steps to be well on your way to outsourcing a VA in 30 days or less!

assess your needs

Uncover the tasks bogging you down and discover the true potential of delegation—let’s pinpoint where your precious time truly belongs.

Determine your Perfect-Fit

Find your virtual assistant soulmate with ease—we’ll guide you through the process of identifying the skills and personality traits that align perfectly with your organization’s needs.

find & Source applicants

Navigate the sea of talent effortlessly and uncover the gems—let’s streamline your search for the ideal virtual assistant, saving you time and energy.

hire & onboard with ease

Make the hiring process a breeze and set your new assistant up for success from day one—let’s master the art of seamless onboarding together.